“Master of His Trade: Gabe Paul Built Winning Ball Clubs During his 60-Year Career in Baseball” - Craig Muder, Director of Communications National Baseball Hall of Fame
“We cannot afford the luxury of being indignant” - Gabe Paul
“Don't look at the hole in the donut, look at the whole donut.” - Gabe Paul
“Players who create controversy are winning players who can perform under pressure” - Gabe Paul
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Gabe Paul was a Man for Baseball

From breaking ground on the Astrodome to tearing down barriers for Blacks, Jews and Hispanics in the major league, Gabe Paul was a man and a baseball executive, who was there for a lot of firsts in the game. Further, Gabe Paul was a champion for inter-league play, preferring to take a stand against prejudice and racism with actions that spoke louder than words. Many players, managers, executives and sports commentators as well as his daughter may not have otherwise had a chance to develop their character, spirit or game without him.

Gabe Paul is widely known for his uncanny ability in filling seats and running teams like the Indians and the Reds on a cleat string, while leading the way in trades that won ballgames and rule changes that made the sport what it is today. He was an advocate for night baseball, the dissolution of the reserve clause, dividing the leagues into divisions, allowing designated hitters and requiring players to bring their gloves in from the field. He turned the farm team concept into a viable business asset and minor league feeder system that made the Big Red Machine in Cincinnati and many other teams great.

Gabe Paul was the youngest General Manager in Baseball, succeeding Warren Giles. When he assumed this role, he left behind his job in baseball public relations, a position he would help write the template for as the fourth person in major league baseball to serve in this capacity. Gabe Paul is a two-time winner of the Executive of the Year award, an inductee in the Ohio Baseball Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Bill Slocum award as well as countless other honors for his 6 decades of service as an executive in this sport.

By all that counts, Gabe Paul was a man FOR BASEBALL. Gabe Paul is a man with numbers in his favor as the 2010 winter baseball meetings approach, which is where and when the decision on whether or not he will be voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame following his fourth nomination. The decision will be made by Baseball's Veterans Committee on December 6 and announced to the public the following day.

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